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Easily Replace Broken, Cracked, or Damaged Interlock Pavers, Flagstone and Slabs

Interlock joints help keep weeds away, add a uniform appearance and lock pavers into place. Over time weather erodes joint material and creates gaps between the interlock. Newer polymeric sands last much longer thanks to better technology and research.  Our newer polymeric sand is more durable than ever and stands up to the Ottawa harsh winter!  Also, we now offer water-permeable polymeric sands perfect for patios and pool decks!

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Disappointed with the short lifespan of your interlock joints?


We use only the highest quality polymeric sands designed to last far longer than generic blends. Our installation includes proper removal of old jointing material to ensure excellent adhesion and a long-lasting polymeric joint repair.

Polymeric Sand Doesn’t Last Forever – We Remove & Replace Interlock Joint Material In Ottawa

If your interlock is still looking good and built on a solid foundation why not refresh the area by replacing the polymeric sand.  As interlock ages, the polymeric sand washes away creating areas for weeds and grass to grow. We remove anything growing and old damaged material replacing it with brand new joint sand. 

Application and Repairing Polymeric Sands

The first step in repairing interlock joints is removing all the old material, debris and ensuring the joint is excavated completely. The new sand is poured onto the pavers and swept deep into the joints using a broom and compacted using a rubber mallet. Our experts leave a ⅛” bevel which allows the brick to protect the joint material and ensures longer-lasting repairs.  Once the material is perfectly in place we spray the polymeric sand starting the chemical reaction and hardening the material.

Polymeric Joint Sizing

Polymeric joints need to fill the entire depth from the foundation to the surface of the interlocking paver.  The ideal interlock joint size is ¼” to 1” wide. The larger the joint the more susceptible it is to damage from light traffic.  Our interlock joint repairs take into consideration the layout of your interlock arrangement.

New Styles With New Polymeric Sand Colours

Polymeric sand are available in a wide range of colours from white to various shades of tan and brown. Do you need a new style in your landscape? We remove old polymeric sand and replace it with high-quality products in the colour you choose.

Water Permeable Polymeric Sand

Most polymeric sands do not allow water to drain between the interlock joints. We have done extensive research and found an exclusive supplier of polymeric sand that allows water to penetrate it. Most contractors use stones to create water-permeable interlock joints. That might be ok for a front entrance but on a patio or walkway, no one wants to walk on stones! Choose us to repair your interlock drainage problems and we can provide polymeric sand that drains!

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Need you interlock joints cleaned and replaced with new polymeric sand? We offer affordable service and modern polymeric sand with improved strength and performance.

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