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We Fix Interlock Landscaping In Ottawa Erase past mistakes & memories of bad contractors.

Is your landscaping, driveway, patio or walkway not looking the same as it did before? Are pavers creeping out and creating hazards on your property? Did you get taken advantage of by a dishonest landscape contractor?  Litigation and angry reviews won’t fix your landscape but we will!  We are affiliated with A&Z Interlock but specialize in only interlock repairs.  Using a seperate crew for only interlock repair work allows us to keep costs affordable and dedicate a team to this much needed service in Ottawa. 

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Not all landscape contractors or projects are created equal. Our team is passionate about repairing poorly installed interlock and we properly level interlock pavers, and repair foundations so the problems you are experiencing are fixed for good.  Our goal is restoring interlock projects affordably with results that last.

We Exclusively Provide Interlock Repair & Restoration


Interlock Repair Ottawa is a division of A&Z Interlock.  Our small but professional team is dedicated to repairing interlock patios, walkways and driveways. Other landscape contractors are too big to provide affordable interlock repairs that are not covered under warranty. We affordably restore ageing and botched landscaping projects in Ottawa.

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What’s Included:  Interlock Repair Services

Included in our repair service is the restoration of a level interlock surface and proper base foundation aggregate & compaction.  Installing edge restraints and replacing low quality polymeric joint sand with high-quality products. We are very passionate about repairing landscaping projects in Ottawa and our effort is reflected in long-lasting and high-quality interlock repairs.


Over 5 Years Of Interlock Repair

For over 5 years Interlock Repair Ottawa (A Division of A&Z Interlock) has been tearing out and replacing interlock patios in Ottawa, Orleans, Nepean and Kanata. We also repair retaining walls, poor drainage, damaged pavers and much more.  If you got rip offed by a dishonest landscape contractor we are here to help you move on by restoring interlock projects and getting you the hardscape you deserve.

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Call us today and schedule your FREE estimate. Our contractor meets with customers and helps to educate on the proper landscape construction techniques. We diagnose the underlying cause of the problem and propose a solution to ensure a long-lasting repair job. We propose a solution to repair cosmetic interlock damage and rejuvenate your patio surfaces at a price that is fair for Ottawa customers.

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Foundation Repair
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Resealing Pavers
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Edge Restraint
Drainage Issues
Driveway Repair
Joint Repairs

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