Interlock Maintenance in Ottawa

Prevent Interlock Damage With Maintenance Service

Enhance the beauty of your interlock landscaping with annual springtime maintenance services.  Interlock landscapes in Ottawa benefit from interlock maintenance by identifying potential problems before they damage your patio.  Maintaining your interlock patio can be washing, sealing and replacing joint material as landscapes get older. 

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What Is Interlock Maintenance

Interlock maintenance is a service where our team checks out the integrity of your hardscaping interlock projects. Pool decks, driveways, patios, and walkways benefit by making sure your foundation hasn’t displaced, interlock joints are intact, and we clean each interlock paver.  Our service removes dirt, debris, weeds and we remove any salt and deicing solvents from the surface of the pavers. Our method is affordable and our expert team prevents major repairs by identifying structural issues before they grow.

Replace Damaged Interlock Joints

Your hardscaping areas require maintenance just like your lawns, plants and gardens. Without proper maintenance, interlock pavers get covered in dirt and leaving it on for too long risks staining. Polymeric joint sand provides a nice uniform look and prevents weeds from growing between your pavers.  Weed roots grow under your interlock and risk damaging the foundation and level surface of the patio. Over time the material can break off so we will check your joints and replace polymeric sands wherever it is needed.

Check For Levelness After Freeze/Thaw Cycles

Our interlock repair team checks individual pavers for any damage related to raising or sinking from the freezing and thawing. Checking for loose pavers allows us to repair local areas where foundation material might have washed away.

Check For Interlock Damage From Burrowing Chipmunks

Burrowing animals often make their homes under interlock pavers by tunnelling and removing some of the interlock foundations. We inspect your interlock landscaping for damage as a result of nesting critters like mice and chipmunks. 

Resealing & Protecting Interlock Pavers

After we cleaned and inspected your interlock project why no include our interlock paver sealing service. Sealing pavers protects them from staining, UV damage and waterproofs the porous surface.  Sealing pavers should be done every 3 years and doing so keeps your interlock looking better for longer!

Combine Pressure Washing With Sealing Service

As we mentioned, pressure washing pavers open the surface of the stone exposing porous material. To ensure long-lasting bright finish we recommend sealing the pavers. Sealing protects the surface and acts like wax on your car. Sealing pavers prevent stains absorbing in the bricks and make dirt harder to cling to — keeping your pavers looking better for longer.

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