Interlock Paver Sealing

Protect Your Interlock With An Invisible Barrier.

Sealing Interlock Pavers is a great way to protect the investment made into landscaping your home. Sealing is recommended for driveways, patios, walkways, paths, entrances, and around pools.  Sealing your interlock helps keep it looking new for longer as well as protecting it from being stained.

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Benefits Of Sealing Pavers

Sealing pavers has a lot of cosmetic and functional benefits for the homeowner.

  • Smooth surface inhibits mold and slime growth
  • Helps repel ants and other insects from your patio
  • Helps lock in joint sand preventing weed growth
  • Repels water making for faster drying times
  • Prevent oil from being absorbed through the porous surface
  • Fights against efflorescence visibility
  • Protects paver surface from deicing chemicals and salt
  • Protects pavers from scratching and surface damage
  • Protect paver from weather erosion & UV damage

Sealer Finishes Colour Selection

Choose the right sealer to match your yard and style our sealers have three cosmetic finishes like matte, natural and gloss.  Matte sealers provide all the protection with a matte finish barely visible to the naked eye. Natural coatings provide a semi-gloss finish that protects the finish of your pavers.  Gloss finishes provide a wet sheen that enhances deep dark colours and provides a protective layer on the surface of your pavers.

Protect Your Interlock From Stains, Spills & UV Damage With Professional Sealing In Interlock Ottawa

How To Seal Interlock Pavers

We consult with the homeowner to determine the kind of pavers and which sealer offers the best protection and cosmetic preference. The surface of the paver must be cleaned using a mild detergent and brush as sealing dirty pavers would just lock in the dirt. Using a small brush we apply the sealer to the edges and deep crevices to ensure complete application of the whole paver. Once the tricky areas have been coated we use a roller brush to apply sealer to the entire area.  Most sealers require a second coat — repeat the last 2 steps. Sealers require 24 hours to fully cure before walking on the patio or moving back furniture.

Save Money By Sealing Interlock DIY

You could spend your weekend cleaning and applying 2 coats of sealer to your patio or just trust the professionals! Our interlock sealing is fast and affordable and with your time being so valuable you can’t afford NOT to hire Interlock Repair Ottawa (A Division of A&Z Interlock) to seal your interlock pavers!

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