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We Identify The Cause & Fix The Problem With Your Interlock Foundation.

If your interlock landscape appears uneven, heaving or sinking is probably being caused by problems in the foundation.  Insufficient compaction, improper aggregate material soil composition and drainage are all potential causes.  Let our experienced and professional landscape construction team identify your problem and propose a long-term and affordable solution.  We won’t just fix your interlock foundation we will improve it and make sure it’s built to specification.

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Interlock Repair Ottawa is A Division of A&Z Interlock and has the experience and equipment to professionally fix interlock foundation problems.


Common Interlock Foundation Problems include sinking, rising, uneven pavers, pooling water and poor drainage, grading and slope, and inadequate compaction and wrong aggregate used. Our team comes to your house to diagnose the problem with your interlock foundation and we recommend permanent solutions that are affordable so your family gets the hardscape foundation they deserve.

Interlock Foundation Repair Process


Diagnose Foundation Problems

Identify and diagnose what is causing your interlock to show problems.   A simple cosmetic fix is affordable but without repairing the cause of the problem damages can reappear.  Our experts can diagnose interlock landscapes by checking the base depths and how the paver’s have shifted. 

Remove Pavers Exposing Foundation

In order to reapir the interlock foundation we need to repmore the interlock pavers.  This gives us access to the foundation material so we can modify, remove or add more material to properly support the interlock.  

Excavation of Foundation

Foundation material is removed and replaced as required.  Depending on the condition of the foundation will depend on the amount of material that needs excavated.  Some foundations can be repaired using only hand tools and other projects require mini-excavators like the one seen in the picture. 

Proper Base Foundation Compaction

Proper compaction is required to ensure a solid foundation that doesn’t move as ground freezes and thaws. For smaller repairs compaction is completed by surface tamping. 

Interlock Pavers Replaced

After repairing the foundation we replace the interlock pavers in the same pattern with no damage.  By reusing the same pavers it keeps repair costs very affordable. The only difference is that with a strong foundation, your interlock patio remains level. 

Polymeric Joint Sand Replacement

The last step of repairing your interlock foundation is replacing the polymeric sand in the joints of your interlock. Polymeric sand doesn’t effect the structure & foundation but does prevent weeds from growing between interlock pavers.

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Interlock Drainage Foundation Repairs

Does your interlock patio not drain and leave standing pools of water? Our interlock foundation repair team provides consultation on replacing impermeable foundations with a water-permeable solution that allows water to quickly dissipate into the ground. Over compacting base foundations, poor grading and improper aggregate create drainage nightmares. We can solve these drainage problems by installing channel drains or replacing base aggregate with water-permeable aggregates that eliminate interlock paver drainage problems.

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